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About Khargone

Khargone city is district headquarter of Khargone District, formerly known as West Nimar. Being an district headquarter, it is obviously the most important city in the region and is home to offices of many important local administrative bodies. But actually Khargone city owes all its importance and fame to famous Navgraha Mandir, one of the must see tourist attractions of Khargone region. Besides, Khargone city is located not very far away from Maheshwar town, the second most important city and also one of the most important tourist attractions of Khargone District. Below is more detailed information about this city, wherein we’ve dwelled in history, geography, tourist destinations and other important aspects of this region.

About Khargone
Shree Navagraha Mandir

History of Khargone

The place or region where Khargone city is located has witnessed reigns of many erstwhile glorious empires and dynasties. The history in fact stretches or dates back to glorious days of Vedas and Mahabaharta, when this region is said to have been ruled by clans of Haihayas. Haihaya Clan though is not very widely known among common people of India, but surprisingly this ancient dynasty finds mention in many important Indian scriptures like Harivamsha Purana and Vishnu Purana.

During medieval era Paramara dynasty of Malwa region and Ahirs of Asirgarh ruled over this prat of Madhya Pradesh. Here it is important to mention Paramara dynasty belonged to famous warrior clans of Rajputs. After demise of these two dynasties, came Mughals and Marathas, who left an unimpeachable mark on the history of this region. Especially different Maratha dynasties like Peshwas and Holkars left behind rich historical heritage in form of temples and forts, few of which today have become tourist hotspots of this region. To new a few, the famous Ahilya Fort in Maheshwar town today serves as a reminder of the glorious history of Marathas.

Geography of Khargone

Geography of Khargone
Map of Khargone

Khargone coordinates at 21.49°N 75.36°E at an elevation of 353 m (1,158 ft). The total geographical area of Khargone District is 8,030 km. The topography of this region is undulating in nature, with many small rivers, mountain ranges and plain areas prevalent throughout the district. To tell you more about its topography, then famous Vindhyachal and Satpura mountain ranges run through the district, while presence of Narmada River and other local rivers like Veda and Kunda rivers have enriched this region immensely. Now coming to border areas of the district, then in north lies Dhar, Indore and Dewas districts, in south it borders Maharashtra, in east it is Khandwa and Burhanpur Districts and in west it is Barwani district.

Economy of Khargone

Profile of KhargoneEconomy of Khargone to a large extent is dependent on agriculture, as there is very minimal presence of other important sectors like industries and service sector in the district. Although in headquarter city of Khargone agriculture sector may have lost its sway due to steady urbanization, but nonetheless it does have a very sizeable presence. Speaking about its agricultural production, then we ought to mention the fact that Khargone is one of the highest producer of Cotton and Chilly in entire India. Today Khargone’s high quality cotton and chilly are exported all across the world, brining in huge revenue and employment for the district. This fact not only sheds light on achievement of Khargone’s agricultural sector, but also just how important agriculture is for livelihood of this entire region.

Healthcare Services in Khargone

Immensely reliable and sound, but still has a very long way to go. That’s how we’d like to describe the current status of healthcare services in Khargone. Khargone is home to all the important healthcare institutions like hospitals, chemist shops and doctors, but its healthcare services lack the cutting edge technology. For instance, all its well equipped hospitals still can’t compete with advanced Multi or Super Specialty Hospital operating in first tier cities of our country. This said, all the local hospitals are still doing a very commendable job by relieving thousands of local patients every year from life threatening diseases. Besides, chemist shops and general physicians were always present in huge numbers in this city and their numbers will only grow further in coming years.

Vijaylaxmi Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Bhandari Complex, Sanawad Road, Near Sharada Hospital, Khargone Ho, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-244145, +(91)-9425087805

Viraj Hospital
Address: Diversion Road, Khargone Ho, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-222550

MAA Memorial Hospital
Address: Bti Road, Bank Colony, Khargone HO, KHARGONE - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-233822, +(91)-9826416794

Tourist Places in Khargone

Khangore Tourism
Maheshwar Fort in Khargone

Khargone region is home to many sacred temples and historical places, some of which today stand as celebrated tourist destinations. Navagraha temple counts amongst one of the oldest temples in India. Navagraha Temple is dedicated to solar system, i.e. nine planets and sun god. Located some 60 kms from Khargone city is a historical city of Maheshwar. The riveting history of this city is told by majestic Ahilya Fort, which overlooks the picturesque Narmada River. Within this majestic fort are also many sacred temples. Visiting these sacred temples will make your visit to this fort even more worthwhile. Over all, Ahilya Fort is one of the must see tourist attractions of Khargone region .

Culture of Khargone

Many important cultural events and festivals are held here throughout the year that brings out this region’s rich culture in all its glory. One such important cultural event is Shree Navgrah Mela that is held near the famous Navagraha Temple. This 20 to 25 days fair is by far the biggest fair of entire Khargone District, wherein locals from all nook and corner flock here to enjoy circus, moving theatres, street market and other entertainment amenities that this fair has to offer. Besides this annual fair, traditional festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid etc also obviously brings out cultural essence of this region in all its glory. Another culturally unique thing about this region is Nimadi language, which is widely spoken in many parts of Madhya Pradesh state. Nimadi Language has been spoken in Khargone region since time immemorial and is unarguably one of the cultural high points of this region.

Khargone at a glance

Coordinates: 21.49°N 75.36°E
Country: India
State: Madhya Pradesh
District: Khargone
Elevation: 353 m (1,158 ft)
• Official Hindi
PIN: 451001
Telephone code: 07282
Vehicle registration: MP 10
Sex ratio: 1000/945

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