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Healthcare Services in Khargone

Existing healthcare services in Khargone are pretty sound and reliable. Today there are good numbers of well equipped hospitals in the entire city, which are been very diligently supported by hordes of local chemist shops and experienced general physicians. Besides, presence of decent numbers of pathological labs has also greatly helped in bringing forth desired improvement in the healthcare services of this city. Khargone healthcare services, however, suffers immensely due to lack of cutting edge and modern healthcare facilities. More about this critical fact and detailed information about all the important healthcare institutions have been provided in below paragraphs.

Healthcare Services in Khargone
Healthcare Services

Hospitals in Khargone

While today Khargone city certainly has many well equipped hospitals and nursing homes. Many existing hospitals posses cutting edge medical technologies to meet modern healthcare services demand. From government funded Primary Healthcares Center (PHC) and Community Healthcare Centers (CHC), there are number of private clinics also. Their presence unarguably holds immense value for patients of Khargone city. Over all, innumerable hospitals coupled with decent number of PHC and CHC does depict a pretty good picture.

Viraj Hospital
Address: Diversion Road, Khargone Ho, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-222550

Vijaylaxmi Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Bhandari Complex, Sanawad Road, Near Sharada Hospital, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-244145, +(91)-9425087805

Sudarshan Hospital
Address: Indore Road, Barwaha, Khargone – 451115
Phone no: +(91)-7280-223152

Ritvik Hospital
Address: Jawahar Marg, Opposite Civil Hospital, Sanawad, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-7280-234174

Purnima Hospital And Research Centre
Address: 74 Narmada Marg, Barwaha, Khargone – 451115
Phone no: +(91)-7280-222961

Ozone Hospital
Address: 2, Shrinath Colony, Diversion Road, Near Circuit House Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-234014, +(91)-9425496199

Chemist Shops in Khargone

Chemist Shops in KhargonePresence of good number of chemist shops and doctors in any city or town surely gives a calming assurance to its citizens. Today Khargone citizens are enjoying same calming assurance, due to the presence of chemist shops and qualified doctors. There are hordes of them, especially chemist shops and general physicians. During last few decades Khargone has surely witnessed surge in their numbers. And in all likelihood their numbers will only rise further, although bit slowly but steadily. The final conclusion that we can make here is that today Khargone city has no acute shortage of chemist shops and doctors and there sizeable presence has a big role to play in making Khargone’s healthcare services.

Suman Medical Agency
Address: 53, Bistan Road, Near Sabji Mandi, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-232636, +(91)-9425089569

Akshay Medical & Agency
Address: Khandwa Road, Near Bus Stand, Sanawad, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-9617017969, 8109811083

Vishal Agency
Address: 15, Old Hospital Road, Post Office Square, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-232933, +(91)-9425450607

Patel Medical Stores
Address: 22, Old Hospital Road, Near Old Hospital, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-232466

Pathological labs in Khargone

Pathology labs in Khargone
Pathology Lab

Today Khargone city does have decent number of pathological labs. All these pathological labs today are indeed playing diligent role in diagnosing life threatening and complicated diseases affecting ordinary citizens. They conduct all types of standard blood tests, urine tests, split tests and other common tests. Presence of all these pathological labs is no doubt proving to be a huge boon for local patients in Khargone. Some of the certified ones are listed below.

Pritesh Pathology & X-Ray
Address: Bhandari Complex, Sanawad Road, khargone HO, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-244044, +(91)-9926446664

Ashtha Pathology Lab
Address: Moulana Azad Marg, Near Masjid, Main Market Mandleshwar, Khargone – 451221
Phone no: +(91)-9753335948, 9907728080

Nidan Pathology Lab
Address: MAA Sati Sadan, Jawahar Marg, Opposite Yodha Hospital, Sanawad, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-9926424339

Nishkarsh Pathology & Diagnostic Center
Address: Tirumala Complex, Sanawad Road, Gayatri Mandir Chouraha, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-8817063939

Sampurna Diagnostic
Address: Sanawad Road, Opposite Bhandari Gining Factory, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9617770179

Based on all the above information we can surely say that healthcare services in Khargone surely have a very strong foundation in place. Good number of well equipped hospitals and availability of other basic infrastructure has helped in building this foundation. However, this strong foundation would be of little use if local or state administrative authorities don’t steps to capitalize on it. To be more specific, concerned authorities must do whatever they can to build few advanced multi specialty hospitals in the city. if this is not possible, then authorities must at least make provisions to enhance medical infrastructure in existing hospitals.

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