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Khargone Tourism

Khargone region has so many enchanting tourist destinations to offer to its tourist. But perhaps none of them is more enchanting than historical city of Maheshwar, located some 60kms away from Khargone city. Maheshwar’s picturesque Ahliya Fort and its scores of beautiful temples draw tourists not just from India, but also from far across abroad countries. Besides, there are quite a few beautiful temples located in the very heart of Khargone city itself, which are equally popular among tourists and locals. Below is complete tourism profile of Khargone city, wherein we’ve mentioned brief description of all the must visit tourist attractions located in and around Khargone city.

Khargone Tourism
Maheshwer Fort

Tourist Helpline Numbers

Before we start briefing you about famous tourist destinations of Khargone, we’d like you to go through some of the important helpline no’s. As and when you visit Khargone city as a tourist, these phone no’s will surely be of great help to you.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board
Address: Paryatan Bhawan, Bhadbhada Road, Bhopal - 462 003.
Website: http://www.mptourism.com/
E-mail: info@mptourism.com
Fax: +91-755-2779476/2774289
Hotel Booking Tel.: +91-755-2778383
Transport Booking Tel.: +91-755-2775572
Contact Between: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mon to Sat)

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Helpline no’s: 18002337777 (8 am to 8 pm)
Madhya Pradesh Tourism Bus booking enquiries: +91-755-3295040.
Khargone Police station: 07282-251007
Mandleshwar Police station: 07283-233428
Maheshwar Police Station: 07283-273626

Navagraha Mandir

While Khargone city has scores of temples, but none of them is as popular as Navagraha Mandir (temple dedicated to nine planets in our solar system). This can be perhaps because it is among the oldest Navagraha temples of our country. Although there is nothing grand or worth mentioning about architecture of this temple, which is to say that it is very simple and underwhelming. This, however, in no ways diminishes the spiritual aura and devotional importance of this temple. We mean it is for nothing at all that everyday thousands of devotees flock to this temple. Besides, one of the most the awaited annual events is also organized in the surrounding compound of this temple, known as Navagraha Mela or Fair. This annual fair of 20 to 25 days is usually held in the month of January. There is circus, arrays of street markets, moving theatre and there are many more interesting offerings in this annual fair. In the end all that we can say is that there is no better time to visit this temple, than during these 20 days of annual fair. Because not only will you be blessed with spiritual experience, but you’ll also get to be enthralled by some mind blowing entertainment.

Ahliya Fort in Maheshwar

This immensely picturesque Ahilya fort, built by legendary queen Ahilyabai Holkar is located on the bank of Holy Narmada River. The sheer spiritual aura of Narmada River and history echoing out of Ahliya Fort will leave you absolutely mesmerized. In fact the entire experience cannot be put in mere words. It is only when you’ll visit this place that you’ll come to know how truly mesmerizing this place is. Today a part of Ahliya Fort is operating as luxurious 5 Star Hotel, which is frequented by iconic Hollywood stars and Indian billionaires. This is surely another fact that again reasserts the growing popularity of this place. All in all, Ahliya Fort is unarguably the most worth visiting place of Khargone District. Hence whenever you visit Khargone as a tourist, then Ahliya Fort without a doubt has to be in your tourist itinerary.

Ek Mukhi Datta Temple

Tourist Spots in Khargone
Ek Mukhi Datta Temple

This splendid temple of Ek Mukhi Datta is located in Jalkoti Village, situated some 6 kms away from Maheshwar city. Usually idol of Lord Datta has three faces, but in Ek Mukhi Datta Temple idol of Lord Datta has only one face. This is why these temples are called Ek Mukhi, meaning one face. Currently there are only four Ek Mukhi Datta Temples in entire India. One is in obviously in this small village, while other two are located in Pune and Kanyakumri cities and fourth one is still in construction. But Ek Mukhi Datta Temple of Jalkoti Village is by far the most beautiful temple amongst the all. While architecture of this temple is itself very grand,

Other Famous Attractions

Located just 8 kms away from Maheshwar town is another very sacred town called Mandleshwar. Since time immemorial this small town has been home to scores of holy temples, which even today draws thousands of devotees every year. Especially temples like Shree Ram Mandir, Chhapan Dev Mandir and Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple draw mammoth number of tourists not just from Madhya Pradesh, but also from far across India. Besides, even great saints like Adi Shankarsacharya, Vinoba Bhave and Swami Vivekanada were attracted to holiness of this place, who had spent considerable amount of time here. Moving beyond temples and sacredness of this place, now we’d like to talk about a very famous dam called Maheshwar Dam. This huge dam today is producing 400mw of electricity, which is outsourced to different parts of Khargone district. Although it is not a very beautiful dam, but it is still very much worth visiting.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Khargone

General lifestyle or day-to-day life in Khargone region is characterized by typical simple lifestyle of a small town. This is to say that you won’t find any modern entertainment quotients like shopping malls, night clubs, multiplexes etc in this part of the world. However, traditional entertainment amenities like single screen theatres, beer bars and typical street markets of small town can be very well relished here. And just in case if you happen to be in and around Khargone city in the month of January, then we’ll suggest you to visit the immensely famous Navagraha Mela or Fair. This annual fair held in the compound of Navagraha Temple is the biggest fair of Khargone district. Hence if you’re desperately carving for some great entertainment, then this is the place you should be visiting.

Shree Krishna Cinema
Address: Opposite Nagar Palika, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9425089529, 9302345265

Rekha Talkies
Address: Bhikangaon, Khargone - 451331
Phone no: +(91)-9691745104

Where to Stay in Khargone ?

Hotels in KhargoneFinding quality accommodation in and around Khargone city is not a problem at all. Because there are more than decent numbers of budget luxury hotels as well as quite a few ultra luxurious hotels, where you can be absolutely rest assured of enjoying luxurious stay. Below are names and phone no’s of all such hotels. If any time in future you happen to be in Kahrgone city and you’re desperately seeking top class accommodation, then these are the hotels that you need to call up for room reservation.

Hotel Indigo Inn
Address: Khandwa Road, Opposite Adarsh Nagar, Near Canal, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-231394, +(91)-9425415559

Hotel Sundaram
Address: Madhya Pradesh State Highway No 26, Tagore Park Colony, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: Not available

Hotel President
Address: Khandwa Road, Opposite Petrol Pump, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-234891, +(91)-9425333291

Hotel Yuvraj
Address: Khandwa Road, Near Khandwa Naka, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-232594, +(91)-9826291111

Hotel Swastik
Address: Nootan Nagar Road, Nootan Nagar Colony, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-234610

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Where to Eat in Khargone ?

Our vacation or family trip becomes even more memorable if we get to relish some delicious food. After all, vacation and delicious food always go hand-in-hand. Hence we thought of bringing names and addresses of some of the restaurants where you can take the pleasure of eating some mouth watering delicacies.

Hotel Gopal
Address: Bistan Road, Opposite Param Computer, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-232930, +(91)-9425088814

Nimaar Garden Restaurant
Address: Khargone Kasrawat Road, Opposite Mpb Grid, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-232507, +(91)-8719094848

Gurukripa Bhojnalay
Address: Mehatwada Road, Opposite Bhawani Mata Mandir, Bus Stand, Maheshwar, Khargone – 451224
Phone no: +(91)-9425087234

How to Reach Khargone ?

Tourism in Khargone

Khargone city does have a railway station, but unfortunately very few trains halt here. So the most viable option is to do a break journey from Sanawad Railway Station or Omkareshwar Road Railway Station. Both Sanawad and Omkareshwar towns are located in Khargone District itself and are well connected to Khargone city via state run buses. Although Sanawad and Omkareshwar Railway Stations are again not junctions, but are well connected to Indore Railway junction by daily and weekly trains. This brings us to second viable option, i.e. to travel to Indore via rail and then take a bus to Khargone city. But just in case traveling via train is little problematic for you, then you take a flight to Indore Airport. And from there you can obviously travel to Khargone via bus or private cabs.

Travel Agents in Khargone

Travel agents in Khargone can help you in fixing the deal that you were looking for. From arranging budget hotels to car rentals and tickets they can arrange all making you concentrate only on choosing your potential destinations. These agents are known for making any vacation or tour into memorable affair. By virtue of their experiences they offer their customers best accommodation and outstanding commuting experience at immensely affordable prices. Some of the famous ones are listed below.

Anand Yatyat & Tour Travels
Address: Sanavad Road, Near Hero Honda Showroom, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-243556, +(91)-9926304344

Amit Tours & Travels
Address: Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9827371383

Atlas Tours & Travels
Address: Bairathi Colony, Indore Tower Square, Khargone HO, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9826744000, 9977005858

Sky Tour and Travels
Address: 82 Harsverdhan Shoping Complex, Khargone Ho, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9893364286

Pawan Travals
Address: Bus Station, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9827500634

Bedi Travels
Address: Khandwa Road, Sanawad, Opposite Bharat Petrol Pump, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-9926016505, 8878750505

Boby Auto Deal
Address: B-17, Radha Vallabh Market, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9425333055

Gupta Bus Service
Address: Khandwa Road, Opposite Bhandari Petrol Pump, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-231545, +(91)-9926189901

G. Saraf Bus Service
Address: M. G. Road, Near State Bank of India, Main Market, Maheshwar, Khargone – 451224
Phone no: +(91)-7282-231545, +(91)-9926189901

Gour Travels
Address: Opposite Data Dwar, Bus Stand, Khandwa Road, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-234181, +(91)-9329783057

Saraf Bus Service
Address: Barwah Road, Maheshwar, Opposite Court, Khargone – 451224
Phone no: +(91)-7283-273659, +(91)-9425333875

Vaishno Tourist Service
Address: Dhamnod Road, Maheshwar, Near Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Vrindavan Colony, Khargone – 451224
Phone no: +(91)-9407473047, 9424557171, +(91)-7283-273047

Jaiswal tour and travels
Address: Bus Stand, Sanawad, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-9826873636

Address: Gayatri Market, Barwaha, Khargone – 451115
Phone no: +(91)-9754555588

Jagdeep Travel
Address: Maheshwar Road Chouraha, Barwaha, Khargone – 451115
Phone no: +(91)-8109022459, 9826295959

Radhe Travels
Address: Maullana Azad Marg, Barwaha, Khargone - 451115
Phone no: +(91)-7280-223123, +(91)-9826622103

Monu Tours and Travels
Address: Opposite L I C Narmada Marg, Barwaha, Khargone – 451115
Phone no: +(91)-9826363193, 9826095746

Amar Jyoti Bus Service
Address: Bhawani Road, Sanawad, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-7280-234595, +(91)-9993563985

Simple Travel Tips

  • Khargone is home to more than decent numbers of banks and ATM’s. Hence don’t take the risk of carrying too much of cash along with you
  • Don't forget to carry important identity cards like pan card, Aaadhar card. You'll need them when booking a room in a reputed hotel
  • Try wearing simple and non revealing attires. Especially when visiting any sacred temple
  • Khargone is a religious society and hence refrain from making an extreme comments about any particular caste or religion
In the end, all that can be said is Khargone region is undeniably one of the spiritual and devotional heartlands of Madhya Pradesh state. Its scores of scared temples will soak your heart and mind in deep spiritual experience. And not to forget some of Khargone’s larger than life historical monuments will equally make your tour into a memorable affair. Khargone region, in simple words, is a place where spirituality and history together to give you a very mystical experience.

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