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Utility Services in Khargone

Today Khargone is home to all the critical and important utility services, which is fully enabling its local citizens to smoothly carry on with its day-to-day activities. While one may argue that many utility services in Khargone city are still suffering from major infrastructural deficiencies, but one can not also over look the desired improvement witnessed in some important services. The over all picture that you get is surely a very mixed picture. To know more about basic utility services, just read through all the below paragraphs, where in detailed information about availability of various services is mentioned.

Healthcare Services in Khargone

Hospitals in Khargone
Healthcare Services in Khargone

Healthcare services in Khargone is surely pretty reliable and efficient with no dearth of hospitals, chemist shops or be it general clinics. There are hordes of them in this town. Most of the hospitals are very well equipped to perform general operations/surgeries providing relief to the patients. And what’s even better, there numbers are expected to rise further in coming years. The local administration is doing its best to increase the healthcare infrastructure in this part of Madhya Pradesh. On the whole we can say that healthcare services in Kharhone is both reliable and bankable.

Viraj Hospital

Address: Diversion Road, Khargone Ho, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-222550

Vijaylaxmi Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Bhandari Complex, Sanawad Road, Near Sharada Hospital, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-244145, +(91)-9425087805

Sudarshan Hospital
Address: Indore Road, Barwaha, Khargone – 451115
Phone no: +(91)-7280-223152

Ritvik Hospital
Address: Jawahar Marg, Opposite Civil Hospital, Sanawad, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-7280-234174

Safety and Security in Khargone

Police Stations in KhargoneThere are obviously many law enforcement agencies like police stations or outposts in Khargone city and many of its adjoining town for supervising law and order situation. As such law and order situation not only in Khargone city but also in entire Khargone District has always been very stable and peaceful. Hence local law enforcement agencies rarley have to face any major law and order challenge. And even if they do face something, then those are mainly pitiable crimes like stealing, chain snatching or domestic violence etc. For More Click Here

Superintendent of police Khargone
Email Id: sp_khargone@mppolice.gov.in

Khargone Police Station
Khargone Dehat Police
Station: 07285- 251013

Maheshwar Police Station

Mandleshwar Police Station

Sanawad Police Station

Local Transportation in Khargone

Local transportation scenario in Khargone city is no different from other big cities and small towns located in rest of India. This is to say that local transportation in this town too more or less revolves around auto rickshaws. The only difference is that number of auto rickshaws plying on the road, especially when compared to bigger cities, is very less or is just about decent enough. Besides, a small town like Khargone obviously does not have full fledged cab service or even city bus service. Hence auto rickshaws have to sometimes bear too much commuter burden. This burden can only be relived by increasing the number of auto rickshaws in the town, which is actually long overdue.

Postal Services in Khargone

Postal  Services in Khargone
Courier Services

Unlike few decades back today people of Khargone city were not very over reliant on traditional India Post services for sending and receiving posts. This is to say that today people of Khargone city can also easily choose from array of private courier services, if they wish to do so. With presence of choice and healthy competition, today status of courier and postal services in Khargone city is without a doubt far more improved than what it was few decades back.

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Opposite Jain Dharamshala Bus Stand, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9424058231

DTDC Courier and Cargo ltd
Address: A 12 1 St Floor Bus Stand, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9425089949

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Sanawad Road, Opposite To Gayathri Mandir, Sanawad, Khargone – 451111
Phone no: +(91)-9425946461

Pushpak Courier
Address: Radha Vallabh Market, Khargone Ho, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9406688080

Akash Ganga Courier Ltd
Address: M.g Road, Gole Building Choraha, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-9826788009

Banking Services in Khargone

Banking Services in KhargoneToday Khargone city is fully laced with all the modern banking services. This fact obviously implies that today Khargone is very well served by many of the leading banks of India. In fact the actual or ground reality situation is even better. Because in all probablity today there isn’t a single leading bank that does not operate its branch in and around Khargone city. Be it PSU gaints like State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank or Bank of Baroda or be it private sector gaints like ICICI Bank, HDFC or Axis Bank. To make long story short, today Khargone city is fully incorporated with India’s robust banking industry and hence it offers all the sphosticated banking services that are usually available in metropolitian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc.

Punjab National Bank Branch
Address: Gurudwara Road, Tilak Path, Khargone, MP 451001
Phone no: 07282-231314
IFSC code: PUNB0028700

HDFC Bank Branch
Address: C 6& 7, Radha Vallabh Market, Khargone-451001 Madhya Pradesh India
Phone no: 9303440426
IFSC Code HDFC0000920

Address: B - 95, New Radha Vallabh Market, Khargone. 451001
Phone no: 07282-250140/250130
IFSC code: ICIC0000867

Bank of India
Address: Irla Marg, Post Office Square, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: 07282-231316
IFSC Code: BKID0009900

Fuel Supplies in Khargone

Fuel Stations in Khargone
Petrol Pump
Khargone citizens hardly have to ever worry about supply of petrol and LPG gas. This is but obviously because the town has pretty decent number of petrol pumps and gas agencies, which quite effortlessly meets critical energy demands of the local people. However, in future steady growth in urbanization will mean that these decent numbers of petrol pumps and LPG gas agencies might not be able to meet the critical energy demand. This but obviously means that local authorities must make all the efforts to increase their numbers as early as they could.

List of Petrol Pumps in Khargone

Farm Fuel Centre
Indore Khandwa Diversion Road, State Highway No 27, Sanawad, Khargone - 451111 View Map
Phone no: +(91)-9424482000

Santors Sales
Address: Post Office Ke Pass, Kasrawad, Khargone HO, Khargone – 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-232212

Farm Fuel Centre
Address: Indore Khandwa Diversion Road, State Highway No 27, Sanawad, Khargone - 451111
Phone no: +(91)-7280-234351, +(91)-9424482000

Ambika Coper House & Machinery
Address: Indore Nake Ke Pass, Khargone HO, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-231590

H. M. Abdul Karim
Address: LAL Bilding Men Road, Khargone HO, Khargone - 451001
Phone no: +(91)-7282-233254, 233452

LPG Gas Agencies in Khargone

Vinita Indane
Address: Mohammadpur Road, Gogaon, Gogawa, Khargone - 451335
Phone no: +(91)-7287-221468

Krishna Gas Agency
Address: Solanki Colony, Sanawad, Khargone - 451111, Near Birle Hospital
Phone no: +(91)-9977130559

Telecom Services in Khargone

Like in the case of rest of small towns and big cities of India, mobile and internet services reached Khargone city only during last decade. But within the span of one decade mobile services have grown in leaps and bounce and as a result today Khargone city is fully connected with rest of India via mobile services. In simple words, today Khargone citizens can receive or make calls to any part of India. In fact during last few years mobile services have improved so much that today even ISD or International calls can be made from Khargone.

As for internet services are concerned, then Khargone is one of the very few towns in entire Khargone district where broadband as well as 3G/2G internet services are available. However, over all internet penetration in the town is still very low, but with availability of hi speed internet across the city this will change for sure in coming years.

In the end we’d like to conclude that with exception of few critical utility services like transportation and health most services in Khargone town are working at near optimum level. In fact some utility services like banking and mobile services have witnessed unprecedented improvement during last one decade. As for transportation and health services are concerned, then problems persisting in these two services isn't really that grave at all. If concerned authorities can push themselves hard to few infrastructure problems, then these two services can very well become major boon for the local economy.

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