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Soil testing is very important process by which elements like phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur, manganese, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc are chemically removed from the soil to make Agriculture soil to be more Fertile/prolific.

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Quantity of available nutrients in the soil determines the amount of fertilizer that is recommended in soil testing services. Soil tests also include soil pH, humic matter in the soil and exchangeable acidity due to unwanted chemical used. Testing of soil analyses indicate whether the following minerals and chemical is needed or not and, if so, how much quantity should be applied on it.

As we all know that quality of the soil plays a vital role in making good plant productivity. So, for that you need to identify the features of the soil to determine its ability to support your plants growth and makes better productivity. Soil Fertilizer Test and Soil testing enables you to judge the soil suitability, providing you with data for informed decision making and planning for the next crop.

Services offered by us:

Soil fertilizer testing

Soil and water testing

Soil fertigation schedule and recommendation

Soil and plant tissue lab, plant nutrients

Soil nutrients analysis laboratory

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